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Bring Financial Protection to Your Family

Let’s start the journey towards protecting you and your family from financial pressure should something happen to you in the near or distant future.

Feel free to browse through our different policy types below.

Term Life Insurance

Generally considered a type of policy with the highest face value of coverage with a premium designed NOT to break your wallet. Most Term policies are used by people who have a short term need in case of a financial disaster where their loved ones will not be able to care for themselves financially should the primary insured no longer be living.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is widely known within the industry as a "permanent" policy. Depending on the carrier, some whole life policies offer coverage past the age of 100 where in the past, the most anyone can be covered for was to age 100. Another valued characteristic of Whole life is the "cash value" that accumulates over time.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life insurance is very well known within the industry for its flexibility and cash accumulation. Like Whole life, there is a cash accumulation which is not solely based on premiums paid, but rather, earns an interest rate on a portion of the premium. Other types of Universal Life policies earn based on market index as well.

Retirement and Annuities

Although many people depend on Social Security for retirement, it's always best to have a separate plan when it comes to building wealth. With our Retirement and Annuity plans, we can show how to build and prepare in advance for your retirement no matter how early or late you begin to plan.

Supplemental Insurance

Most people are confused about the role Supplemental Insurance plays. While it can be purchased in most cases as a stand alone policy, it is meant to supplement your major medical policy and indemnify the insured directly to help offset costs or time off work.

Major Medical

Major Medical also known as "Health Insurance" is generally purchased to help offset the costs of minor and major medical expenses. Minor expenses include doctor visits, visits to a specialist, and in some cases in covers prescription drugs, whereas, major medical includes most hospital procedures including surgeries, CT Scans, and hospital stays.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare is the federal government’s health insurance program that primarily covers people 65 and older and certain younger people with disabilities or kidney failure. Original Medicare does not cover all medical costs. Medicare Advantage plans stand in the place of Original Medicare or you may opt to stay with Original Medicare and purchase a Medicare Supplement policy.